10 Health and Fitness Tips Every Woman Should Follow to make Healthy living a reality

10 Health and Fitness Tips: Fitness is very important for every woman but nearly above 75% of the women or girls facing difficulty in achieving their health and fitness goal. Improper diet plan and irregular exercises are the main reasons for the failure to maintain fitness. Physical fitness is essential for every woman it is nothing but being healthy and active. We have to remember the line

“Health is like money; we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” – Josh Billings

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1) Exercise

Women must make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every single day to keep the heart functioning properly. Aerobic exercise which includes walking, jogging, bicycling and dancing are good for women’s health. In fact, any form of physical exercise, even the usual running around to the grocery store is better than nothing.

2) Meditation:

Adding mediation to your daily fitness routine can be a crucial part of body transformation. Find five to ten minutes once or twice a day to focus on your breath. Breathing provides oxygen to your body and mind. Helps de-stress. This can help your body and brain de-stress, relax and recover from all your hard work at the gym, office or at home.

3) Massage that body better

Massage have many benefits; both physically and mentally. Vigorous exercise and long period of workouts can take its toll on muscles and joints. Ever got that sore feeling the day after a workout? Well massage, specifically deep tissue, can rid the body of those pesky knots and pains associated with exercise.

Massage can also increase circulation, allowing for the expulsion of toxins and increased water flow to cells of the skin, plumping up your skin, making it look healthy and youthful.

Massages can be a very relaxing activity, restoring your mind, reducing stress and helping you wind down from life’s stresses, all aiding weight control.

4) Balanced Diet

In the process of losing weight, we often end up making mistakes like eating too less, not working out as per our body type and expecting instant results. It is very important to concentrate on having a balanced diet comprising of all essential nutrients, vitamins, omega fatty acids, fiber, proteins, healthy carbs, and calcium, essential for our body to stay healthy and fit. Do not over eat, eat less but healthy!

Healthy Breakfast

         This is the first meal of your day after a long gap of eight to ten hours, depending on what time you had dinner. Your breakfast should always be healthy, in order to keep you fit and active throughout the day. Eat a nutritious breakfast rich in vitamins, fiber, proteins, calcium, omega fatty acids and healthy carbs.

Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacking is also important. This ties in well with the whole breakfast thing. It’s easy to grab something high in fat to snack on during the day because you’re stomach is rumbling and you’re in a rush. Staying clear of chocolate bars or chips as a snack can increase your overall health as you’ll be eating less fat, and likely fewer calories or processed foods, too. Healthy snacking is also a must to stop unintended weight gain. You can take some for veggies with hummus, or cut up fruit as a healthy snack. Nuts are also a great choice – they’re filling and filled with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids for your heart and brain health.

Include Seafood in Your Diet

Apart from just being a delicacy, seafood serves as an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Due to the abundant omega-3 fatty acids present in it, seafood works miraculously to ease the symptoms of arthritis. Also, it aids in boosting night vision and maintaining good eye health.

         According to NCBI report, the components found in seafood helps in lowering the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease .In addition, it is also useful in enhancing brain power. Other than that, selenium found in seafood is a potent antioxidant that is known to improve the immune health. Thus, despite chugging red meat, try and include seafood in your diet for a better brain, eye and immune health.

5) Drink lots of water

It is common knowledge that the human body consists of up to 60% of water. Further, physicians recommend drinking at least 3litres of water every day. Hydrating yourself is another one of the most important health tips as it is extremely vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Drinking plenty of water not only helps to keep your system clean but also helps you to reduce weight by boosting your metabolism. Some of the other key benefits of drinking water have been given as follows:

  • Maximises physical performance.
  • Influences energy levels and brain function.
  • Relieve constipation.
  • Prevent the formation of kidney stones.
  • Treat and prevent headaches.

With such benefits and more, staying hydrated is one of the most crucial aspects of staying healthy. So, make sure you carry a bottle of water everywhere you go to ensure you remain hydrated all the time.

6) Sleeping for at least 8 hours each night

Catching at least 8 hours of shut-eye each night is, perhaps, one of the most important contributors when it comes to staying healthy. When your body is devoid of proper sleep, you will find yourself becoming lethargic, cranky and suffer from lack of concentration.

To prevent this from happening, it is crucial for you to give your body the rest it requires. With proper sleep, you can have a clearer mind, uplift your mood and even promote your cardiovascular health.

7) Pay attention to your body

Another one of the important health and fitness tips for women is to listen. Your body gives you a warning sign when it about to get exhausted and tired. You overlook it and it takes a toll on your health in the long run and then you realize how you have been ignoring your health.

Please pay attention to those signals. Do not suppress your health issue and stop being dependent on others to take you to the doctor or get yourself treated. Take complete charge of your life, because you own it.

8) Let Yourself Be Expressive

As important as it is to breathe, it is equally important to let your emotions out – be it positive or negative. Because when you keep your emotions bottled-up, they cause serious harm to your mind, soul, and body. And, the worst part is – the suffering only increases. Sometimes, suppressing yourself may even lead you to say things which you may regret later. Therefore, the only way to handle it is to express it. Talk to people you can rely on. Share your happy moments with others.

9) Be happy

As the popular saying goes,’ Laughter is the best medicine’ and it is 100% percent true says – Dr. Sunesara. When you laugh out loud or just are happy, your body will release feel good hormones and this will kill the villain stress hormone.

Sharing your thoughts will improve your mental health. Besides, when you are mentally healthy, you can tend to become more physically healthy.

10) Be flexible

Trying to stick to a routine may get impossible at times. So if you have dedicated your mornings to workouts, and something comes up, be open enough to take it in your stride. Instead of sticking to a routine, make up your mind that you will go to the gym, anytime in the day whenever you have a window of an hour. If you have to attend a meeting, start 45 minutes earlier. Go to the gym, change and then go on your way.


So, my dear Friends, these were some simple yet 10 healthy and fitness tips for women. With little-little efforts, you can bring a lot of difference to your health. But, it has to be you. Push yourself to abide by some of the tips mentioned above, and you can yourself see the change. It’s never too late to adopt healthy habits; you can still start now to enjoy its benefits in your later age! so that you can lead a better life! Don’t forget to comment.

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